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Fights and Feuds in the Roman Empire! Learn, and Relive the Drama So You Never Forget the Leg, Gluteal, and Femoral Regions!

In our Roman LEGends, you'll meet a tribe of lion-taming Gladiators and families of warring rivalries - all at the mercy of Jupiter, God of Thunder, and his innervating wrath!

Head down to the drama in the lower extremities with this superior way to memorize the leg, gluteal, and femoral regions. Here you'll find familiar storylines that activate the brain with mental hooks for easy memory retrieval of vocabulary, location, innervations, and more of all the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, arteries, and veins.

As first-year medical students, you're tasked with memorizing anatomy in a short time frame. So, wouldn't it be ideal if you had a time-saving brain hack that improves retention AND is more entertaining than typical rote-memorization techniques?

With Anatomy Land you'll memorize all the anatomical parts of the leg with a fun and historical twist!

The Haunted Arm Farm - visit, and you'll never forget the hands, the forearm, and the brachial plexus!

your first year of medical school, the anatomy lab will quickly become your second home. This is where you’ll spend many hours dissecting cadavers and mastering human anatomy. But you won’t be alone - your MS1 cohort will be there too.

9 min read

7 Practices for MS1s to Start a Strong First Year in Medical School

Are you looking to take advantage of lessons learned from those who’ve traveled the road before you in medical school? You’ve landed in the right place.

6 min read